The Bagpipe Experience

Bagpipe where she actually plays the Bagpipe is here! I’ve heard the community’s feedback from the previous Doctah Doctah video 🙂

Note this is more of a Bagpipe showcase if anything, I will be revisiting some of the older ops in the future to add in custom animations and more interesting videos 🙂

Big thanks to Mimic for providing me the Bagpipe instrument to make animating it possible

This video showcases:
4-4 Challenge Mode with 2 Operators

Thumbnails – 茶冰

World Actor

Bagpipe BGM

Final Stand

World Actor –
Darkness Nightblue Moon

Bagpipe’s and Hoshi stats

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Clip used with consent
Bagpipe CN Clip on Sarkaz Piercer by 是只熊_JP

L2D provided by 考拉全都要

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