Bagpipe Doctor Doctor【Arknights】

Best of luck to everyone who’s trying to summon for her, feel free to use this as a catalyst for your summoning needs

Note there is a caption available in English for subtitles 🙂

I got a Bagpipe now from Mimic, which I’ll showcase it when I make an operator video for Bagpipe!

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BGM edited by Isaak, thank you Isaak 🙂
BGM – Puzzle Plank Galaxy

Chen Eyes provided by 1hr10min, thank you Slayer 🙂

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Big thanks to Hirashi, Kerubiel and Authorium for boosting the server and their continuous support
Big thanks to Keobe goes DaDaDaDaDa, Vesran, TheDemonicAlpha, Khvat and Valerie for joining the boosting club 🙂

Thanks for watching and coming by!

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