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Mou mantai.exe


I will come back and revisit Chen in later videos (Third skill and such), same with Blue Poison, Specter and such. The video on Chen is being the first part, I had a lot of ideas and meme materials for Chen, but stuffing all on one video is a bit excessive

Stats on Chen
E2 lv40 skill lv 7, max trust from my clanmate Vando

If you were offended or upset due to this video I’m sorry, no harm were intended, for your own safety if you have no clue what the comments were on about please do not visit the sauce!

It’s in the comments but I would strongly advise not to do it for your own sanity

The stuff with Corona is directly affecting my family atm, so I’m a bit down atm, this might affect my making in videos so I’m sorry about that. Hopefully, everyone stays safe and good luck!


L2D provided by aKONNOYUUKI, 哔酱不是酱 with permission

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