This time we are back with Blaze, with the power of fully maxed S2 on M3. This is a relatively simple showcase video

I will be splittings this into 2 parts mainly due to the fact that I wanted something to come out near Blaze’s release timing and that the second part will most likely going to cost me some time, with some arknights memes on Blaze

Good luck for those who try to summon for her, may the rng be with you all

皮卡丘失了智大神 is one of the few people who will be working alongside me to provide L2D for operators that don’t have one, my goal is to have an L2D for every single operator in the game for those who are not aware, sounds greedy I know 😛

This video contains
Blaze on SK-3 solo

Ryuusei World Actor さて、 だ仕事
創刻のアテリアル / Soukoku no Arterial 護るべきものの為に

Blaze’s stats

Blaze’s Stats

Thumbnails – EYYY _Quan

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